Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Graduation Kasarah!

A friend's daughter is graduating from high school in just a few days!  Mom and Dad secretly chose nine t shirts that represented her many activities at CHS including cheerleading, powerlifting and student council.  The quilt is much like Kasarah... bright, organized, happy and fun!  It was presented to Kasarah at a tea party hosted by her parents last week.
Happy Graduation!

Flower Shop update

After three liquidation sales a donation truck came by and picked up the remainder of the flower shop inventory.  Everything left in the building is intended to be used in the quilt shop!  We are extremely fortunate to have inherited many sturdy shelves with the building that can be repurposed for fabric bolts. 

We have successfully taken down the walls to the kitchen and office in the back of the building.  We have also taken a peek at what's under the floor so we'll know how to proceed there.  Now come the big decisions about what we will rebuild.  Our original idea needed to be revamped but I like Plan B very much!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Dolls

This sweet baby doll fabric really didn't need much piecing to show off the cute dolls and clothing.  Since fabrics had two different background colors I used the gathered pink in a more bold color to set the two apart.
The outer border is simple stipple quilting but the center is dainty all over feathers.
Originally I had chosen the tiny doll fabric for the binding but it just didn't add anything to the overall design, so I switched to this fun pink and brown alphabet fabric!  I love it! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goodbye Thimbles

A good friend and her family are moving soon.  I will miss her sense of humor and storytelling and so this thimble quilt is sent on with her to their new home. 
Much like this thimble quilt, our friendship has brought together a variety of experiences and colors that together make a beautiful whole.  And, I hope, will bring warmth, comfort and a reminder of our times together!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Pineapple

Just finished binding this small baby pineapple quilt made from 1930's reproduction fabrics.  Very sweet!

Quilt Excursion

We went to Gruene for the weekend and visited several quilt shops and other businesses in old buildings along the way.  Our goal was to see how they did their lighting, AC/heat ducts and fans.  We saw a wide variety including the AC/heating ducts that have been suggested to us which was very helpful!  We even purchased a beautiful antique oak counter to use as a second cutting table in the quilt shop!    

However, much cleaning and organizing still needs to be done in our building and another "inventory liquidation" sale of the flower shop contents.  We're making progress! 

If you have the opportunity to visit Gruene we would suggest the Gruene Mansion Inn.  It is owned by Clyde native Cecil Eager and has the friendliest staff I've ever experienced anywhere!  The rooms are all unique and I especially enjoy the outdoor rooms crafted together from antique materials.  Very inspirational!

Here's the counter back at home!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quilt Shop News!

Here's the big news!  We purchased a shop in our one block downtown and after extensive remodeling will open a quilt shop!  Very exciting!  I hope this will become a wonderful place for quilting friends to gather and gain inspiration from each other and a place where new quilters will begin their adventures in quilting!  My quilting friends range in age from four years to their 80's, won't it be fun to provide a place where we can all come together and learn from each other!? 
Our plans are to open sometime after the first of the year but I'm sure the time will fly by!  It will be fun to go to Quilt Market in Houston again!