Thursday, March 19, 2015

Time Flies

It's been almost three years since I last posted here!  The Feathered Star has been open 5 years this past December.  I can't even count all the quilts I have made in that time.  Seems that I start a quilt to showcase new fabrics, customers see it in progress and then on the HandiQuilter and by the time it's bound the main fabrics are almost empty bolts.... then everything starts again!  

Every week new customers visit the shop.  Every week.  Usually several different times each week.  Smart phones make finding local quilt shops so much easier!  Being just about 5 blocks from Interstate 20 is an ideal location for a quick jaunt off the highway for a quilt shop stop.  I have regular customers from all over the Big Country and beyond.  Every week is like a quilt show with customers bringing quilts to share.  Best job ever!

I have met so many interesting and talented people in the past five years and hopefully I've been able to share some quilting knowledge with a few!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quilting at home and at work...

So now that the Feathered Star has been open for 1 1/4 years you would think that I might not do so much quilting at home... nope, I generally have at least 2 or 3 projects that I'm working on at both places.  However, lately I've had a major push to sew up some of my great fabrics I've got at home.  Right now I've got a twin sized Rail Fence (3" blocks) and a twin sized Thimble (2 1/2") both mostly finished using bright happy fabrics... an Off the Rail quilt using sports fabrics, one with 1930's reproduction fabrics, and one using purple and green scraps from a granddaughter's baby quilt... a Tumbler (4 1/2") AND a Thimble quilt using jungle prints not to mention a Million Squares with these jungle fabrics and with the littlest of strings I started a 6" square string quilt rather than throw the tiny leftovers away.  I recently finished a light purple and baby fabrics thimble quilt that will be a gift and a wonderful wonky house quilt!

At the shop I'm working on a red and white Courthouse Steps Log Cabin, an ABC quilt with the letters inside log cabin blocks, and many others that started out as Demonstration Day samples.  Whew!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feathered Star update

The quilt shop has been open for six months now and its been a  whirlwind of activity.  Ordering fabric... being creative with where to display the fabric when it comes in...keeping up with the Facebook page and web site...creating pattern samples and quilts from the beautiful fabrics for inspiration...planning the classes offered at the shop... planning and preparing for Demonstration Days the last Saturday of each month...and being the custodian, bookkeeper, and other assorted "must do" activities!  But what fun! 

The numbers of my customers continues to grow.  At last count 475 quilters had signed into the guest book/ enewsletter list!  Many have become regular visitors to the shop often coming with friends and family. 

So if you are reading this blog you might check out the Feathered Star web site and blog or search for "feathered star" on Facebook!
Happy Quilting!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cuddly Thimbles

My latest thimble quilt made from bright pastel fabrics from recent baby quilts. 
All the colors are represented in the bright candy straws fabric used for the border! And look at the yummy back!  Its a bright pink minkee fabric.  I quilted soft roses and leaves throughout.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Open for business!

Opening day for the Feathered Star was Tuesday, Dec 7.  Since then I've had many shoppers and visitors to the store!  How exciting to see old friends come through the door and meet new ones.  Many are stopping by with good wishes and to see the amazing transformation of the building.  My mother and sister spent the first day at the store providing yummy breads and taking pictures.  Son, Aaron was there for opening day to make sure the computer cooperated nicely.  Many thanks to them!! 

The flower shop is long gone though I've been fortunate to use many things in the quilt shop including the Christmas tree and its' decorations.  The shelves from the flower shop have been repurposed to hold beautiful fabrics (many florals which is more familiar to them!).  Our friends next door have give us slat board to add to the back of two shelves where I display notions. From another friend I purchased old doors and school desks/chairs which are used throughout the store for display. 

Since the store has opened one new quilter has created her first quilt for a Christmas gift (string pieced squares using Civil War reproductions)... beautiful!  I hope she's just the first of many new quilters to gain inspiration and guidance from the store!

The Feathered Star web page is now online at  I hope to see you online or in the store!  Merry Christmas!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Logo... maybe?

I've been working on the logo for the quilt shop and this is where I am with that project at the end of the day.  What do you think?  Readable? 
We are making progress at the shop, hopefully the flooring soon!  I'm ready to move in the building with fabrics!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving Thanks

Several months ago I purchased a fairly large (10 1/2 feet!) curved church pew.  Unfortunately it took a tumble off the trailer and was in a terrible state!  My brother in law worked his carpentry/refinishing magic to put Humpty Dumpty back together again even better than ever.  So, to show my deep appreciation I made him a quilt.  I chose what we call the million squares pattern to represent the million pieces he brought back together to repair this beautiful antique!  Thank you, thank you, Craig!

The pew is destined for the quilt shop so come on down and enjoy it with me!

Snow White

The biggest latest development down at the quilt shop is on the roof!
We had insulation blown on the roof then this snow white rubberized coating.  Hopefully this will keep the electric bills reasonable and eliminate the leaks in the roof!  You should be able to spot us if you are flying over Clyde, wouldn't that be fun?!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Four Year Old Fun!

I teach four year olds in Sunday School.  We created this fun (and busy!) rail fence quilt one Sunday.  The kids chose from the cut rectangles and sewed three together to create their own blocks using the sewing machine.  Our class is all boys and one little girl.  As I have always found the boys are just as excited if not more so to use the sewing machine! 

The children will take turns taking it home for the week and writing about their experience (well, parents writing) in our journal.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crazy Girl!

Today a young quilter friend came over and we made crazy quilts using a stack and whack method.  They were very different, mine in bright pastels, hers in black/white and bright colors!  Here's my effort from today.  Now to find just the right border fabric to bring it all together.    

I have long admired Mary Lou Weidman's bright pastel crazy quilt, I'm wondering if I could/will finish the quilt if I add appliques on the blocks like hers??