Thursday, March 19, 2015

Time Flies

It's been almost three years since I last posted here!  The Feathered Star has been open 5 years this past December.  I can't even count all the quilts I have made in that time.  Seems that I start a quilt to showcase new fabrics, customers see it in progress and then on the HandiQuilter and by the time it's bound the main fabrics are almost empty bolts.... then everything starts again!  

Every week new customers visit the shop.  Every week.  Usually several different times each week.  Smart phones make finding local quilt shops so much easier!  Being just about 5 blocks from Interstate 20 is an ideal location for a quick jaunt off the highway for a quilt shop stop.  I have regular customers from all over the Big Country and beyond.  Every week is like a quilt show with customers bringing quilts to share.  Best job ever!

I have met so many interesting and talented people in the past five years and hopefully I've been able to share some quilting knowledge with a few!

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