Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quilting at home and at work...

So now that the Feathered Star has been open for 1 1/4 years you would think that I might not do so much quilting at home... nope, I generally have at least 2 or 3 projects that I'm working on at both places.  However, lately I've had a major push to sew up some of my great fabrics I've got at home.  Right now I've got a twin sized Rail Fence (3" blocks) and a twin sized Thimble (2 1/2") both mostly finished using bright happy fabrics... an Off the Rail quilt using sports fabrics, one with 1930's reproduction fabrics, and one using purple and green scraps from a granddaughter's baby quilt... a Tumbler (4 1/2") AND a Thimble quilt using jungle prints not to mention a Million Squares with these jungle fabrics and with the littlest of strings I started a 6" square string quilt rather than throw the tiny leftovers away.  I recently finished a light purple and baby fabrics thimble quilt that will be a gift and a wonderful wonky house quilt!

At the shop I'm working on a red and white Courthouse Steps Log Cabin, an ABC quilt with the letters inside log cabin blocks, and many others that started out as Demonstration Day samples.  Whew!

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