Monday, December 20, 2010

Open for business!

Opening day for the Feathered Star was Tuesday, Dec 7.  Since then I've had many shoppers and visitors to the store!  How exciting to see old friends come through the door and meet new ones.  Many are stopping by with good wishes and to see the amazing transformation of the building.  My mother and sister spent the first day at the store providing yummy breads and taking pictures.  Son, Aaron was there for opening day to make sure the computer cooperated nicely.  Many thanks to them!! 

The flower shop is long gone though I've been fortunate to use many things in the quilt shop including the Christmas tree and its' decorations.  The shelves from the flower shop have been repurposed to hold beautiful fabrics (many florals which is more familiar to them!).  Our friends next door have give us slat board to add to the back of two shelves where I display notions. From another friend I purchased old doors and school desks/chairs which are used throughout the store for display. 

Since the store has opened one new quilter has created her first quilt for a Christmas gift (string pieced squares using Civil War reproductions)... beautiful!  I hope she's just the first of many new quilters to gain inspiration and guidance from the store!

The Feathered Star web page is now online at  I hope to see you online or in the store!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Congratulations!
    I love the photos online and can hardly wait to visit in person.


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