Friday, February 19, 2010

In the Beginning...

I have finally come to the realization that a blog is the most efficient way to share my quilting journey.  I have no particular quilting style so I never really know what quilt might be next... so it's always an adventure!
This patriotic thimble quilt was created from my collection of patriotic, red, white and blue fabrics... some are well aged while others are more recently purchased.  I was inspired to create thimble quilts after attending quilt market in Houston 2009.  I was fortunate to meet Biz Storms and though I have not yet been brave enough to stitch up thimbles in the tiny 1 1/4" size shown, the book Small Blocks Stunning Quilts is still an inspiration of color and style! 


  1. hey!!! congratulations!! thank you for inviting me Ü
    i have been hooking like crazy-- i love it!
    i am on my second project and should be done in a few days and i already have my next one ready to go.
    i started a blog months ago, wrote on it one day and couldn't figure out how to upload it... i haven't written anything since ;-0!!
    when do we get together??????
    miss you bad!
    debra <3

  2. I checked out your blog and you weren't kidding... September?? ha ha


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