Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweet Thimbles

Rosewillow issued a "Too Good To Cut" challenge on her blog.  The premise of the challenge is that we all have fabrics that we love so much that we are reluctant to cut and include in a quilting project!  Isn't that the truth!  What if another great idea or pattern comes along later?  What if I run out!?

These sweet fabrics would fit this category for me.  The original set of fabrics have cohabitated nicely in my sewing room for quite some time and are now joined with bits from a baby quilt for a young friend among other fabrics. I think they will live happily ever after in this new Sweet Thimbles quilt! 

The thimbles are cut from 2 1/2" strips with 25 thimbles in each row.  As you can see I have begun to sew the rows together so I'd consider this top to be about halfway finished. 

While I see other quilters have a handy design wall in their studios, instead I have a design bed.  Yes, that means I'm really sewing in a spare bedroom. You can see another in progress project peeking out below- a patriotic pineapple quilt.  This might explain the thought  behind the blog title.... distracted.

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  1. This is great!!! I am on the cusp of making a quilt for my kids using their old t-shirts, school shirts, sports shirts and jerseys ~ it will be great when/if it is finshed. They did it for our youth minister at church when he left. They used all the youth camp and retreat t-shirts it was gorgeous!
    Chel Glad I found you Tex. Blog. Gals


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