Friday, June 18, 2010

Finishing Babies!

Funny thing how inspirations go... you make something that inspires someone else, then in turn you are inspired by THEIR quilt and have to make another... and so it goes!  So here's my bright thimbles quilt!  The incredibly bright pink was a bit much around the border but somehow the lime green binding makes it all right.  Quilt magic I guess.

Here's another example of quilt envy... only it was a the baby thimble quilt I made for Presleigh.  After it was delivered to baby I missed it and certainly had enough fabric to make another.  So, combined with the doll fabric from another baby quilt, I made my very own!
In order to have the dolls all standing upright and not have to piece the border I decided to include some flying geese blocks, they give a little "direction" to the quilt as well!

The last baby quilt finished this week is for baby Cade.  We enjoy many laughing hours together when Mom is working.  He and Eli surely know how to appreciate a new quilt... when I lay it out and say "what do you think boys?"  they both immediately crawl over and hug the quilt and Cade says "Ohhh!" 
Don't forget me, baby Cade!

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  1. I love the Bright Thimbles! Of course!
    And I love Baby Cade's Stars!
    The colors are a favorite.
    You definately have some fun baby quilts here.
    I want to sew!


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