Monday, June 14, 2010

Step by Step

Finally all the suspended ceiling tiles are down along with the framework and support wires!  Then we took down the old AC duct work.  That make the biggest difference as they were right down the center of the building and wrapped in white insulation!  You could see from one end to the other except for all the shelves which are just too big to move around much!
The next step is exposing all the plaster by removing the 70's paneling.  We will chip away some of this plaster to show some of the brick.  In the process of removing the first 1/4 of the paneling we discovered that there was originally a display window at the front of the store which you can see below at the right of the photo.
There are several large and wonderful white shelves and a great counter that will go against the two walls on the left and right where we won't need to remove any plaster.
Coming soon... the new AC/heater!

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  1. How exciting for you!
    I am glad thing are moving along for you guys. I do love the exposed brick.
    Maybe I will be there when the AC guys are done. :)


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