Monday, June 14, 2010

Too Good to Cut Part 2

I created this sweet star quilt using the Debbie Maddy pattern Radiant Stars and the same box of fabrics I used for the Too Good to Cut challenge.  As with all the Debbie Maddy patterns the star is a no "Y" seam construction. I did alter the pattern to use 9 1/2" triangles instead of piecing all the little squares which used much less fabric and looks tidier to me.

My original Sweet Thimbles quilt (for the challenge) focused more on the pinks while this quilt uses the pink as an accent color with green as the major color.  
Of course, as always there were smaller scraps of fabrics that needed sewing into a pineapple quilt.  This is very pastel for me and difficult to even fathom that I would sew it but it is very sweet and dainty!  I probably would not have chosen the border fabric for this particular quilt except that #1 I already had it and #2 I used it in the middle of the quilt but it does seem to liven up the pastels a bit!


  1. And you made them at my house! Thanks for coming alllll the way down to South Texas to sew with me and give me some inspiration! I do love the Radiant Star pattern, it was easier than it looked (once again!).
    I guess (sheepishly) I may some day try the pineapple pattern...
    You're the best! (and best cousin!)

    Miss you!

  2. These are lovely! And each quilt looks totally different with its own personality. Lucky you, getting to sew with your cousin -- I bet you two had a great time! :) Take care, Dianne B. in England


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