Monday, March 15, 2010

Bright Dolly!

While visiting with my cousin we were looking for ideas to create a new quilt.  She said "I don't have anything that goes together".  Ah ha!  A challenge.  We pulled these happy colors together from her stash and grounded them with black and white.  We love the quote from Freddy & Gwen "It gives the eye a place to rest"... which is funniest when you see the quilts they are referring to that are anything BUT restful!  

We love the Collaborative Quilting book!  My cousin had checked it out from the library and we stitched up several parts from the book's patterns.  Needless to say we each purchased the book and the sequel.  The fun thing about the sequel was that when we both got our copies we looked through the book while on the phone with each other... "I love the quilt on page 76!... Wow, love the colors on page 60...We can do that!"

This quilt is quite a change from the sweet Dolly Madison for Abigail!

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  1. I still love the Dolly Madison Star pattern alot! And I love all of "our" Dolly Madison quilts, too. Along with "our" time with Freddy and Gwen books! ;)
    Your Favorite Cousin


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