Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I see on other blogs where quilters are cleaning their sewing rooms and end up with a tidy work area in a day or so.  This is my idea of cleaning the sewing room... I find fabrics that really should be a quilt instead of a bag or box of scraps and sew them together!  Here are two from this weekend.
The blue and yellow Rail Fence blocks are 3" square.  It will probably add a few more rows as there are still fabrics in the blue/yellow drawer and a border or two. 
The patriotic fabrics are left after the Patriotic Thimbles and Patriotic Pineapple (still on the "design bed") and while they are OK fabrics, they aren't really Best quilt fabrics.  Most are left from quilting projects with my students at school from several years ago.  The Patriotic string quilt is scrappy through and through- the base fabric 6" squares used fabric a friend gave me that are just too boring to use on the outside, the back from the same friend who was cleaning HER sewing room, and the batting was four different pieces left from other projects (and not very tidily pieced together).  Anyway, now they are perfectly usable. 

I must confess there is much more to clean and tidy up but I'm on a mission now and need the room to be more baby friendly so I'll keep sewing/cleaning!

On another note, we had supper at my son's house this weekend.  My daughter in law had her Dolly Madison quilt hanging for spring (a birthday present last year).  What fun to see it again!

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