Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet Thimbles update

The sweet Thimbles quilt from the Too Good To Cut challenge is now quilted!  The outer borders are a small stippling pattern and the inner thimbles are an all over feather and curls design.  I am very pleased with how the quilting has turned out!  The only "Aaugh!" moment came when I realized that the back was 1/2" shorter than the quilt top.  Luckily my daughter in law gave me enough fabric to extend the back and now the quilt is all complete and waiting for the binding!
Of course, now I still have a small box of fabrics so I will begin again and create something that coordinates but has a different feel!


  1. Congratulations on being the first person to finish the challenge. I love the soft colors of your quilt. they blend together so well.

  2. Very sweet like you planned!
    Happy National's Quilting Day!

  3. What a beautiful quilt. I can't imagine doing something like are very talented.

    I have a blog with a list of Texas blogger and would love to add your name. I hope you will come and follow and check out some of the other bloggers.


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