Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still Crazy After all these Years

Several teacher friends and I got together several years ago to create stack and whack crazy quilts.  It was fun to see the ways fabrics changed depending on their companion fabrics.  About a month ago one of these friends completed her top.  She rediscovered the old blocks, added new fabrics and new blocks to create this queen sized quilt. 
 I added the machine quilting and binding this week.  I quilted stippling over the majority of the quilt, but each block had one special section that was quilted with a feather or fern or leaf. 

The most fun was taking the quilt to school to show it to my friend when the quilting was finished.  As I unfurled the quilt the children (and teacher!) said "Oh!"  It was priceless!  I believe that it is important that children see adults learning and trying new things.  They were so proud of her!

Here's a photo of the full quilt.

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